November 2014

November 2014 Cover

Princess of Persistence
Lise Lindstrom

Soprano Lise Lindstrom grew up in a musical family, and yet it took some time before her passion for classical music really took hold. But Lindstrom has never done things the usual way—for example, there are no big YAPs on her résumé. Instead, patience, timing, and the right people at the right moments coupled with lots of hard work and perseverance have been the keys to Lindstrom’s success. For the past 10 years, she has been singing Princess Turandot all over the world. But she used to wonder if her career would ever get off the ground.
Extending the Stage

Extending the Stage
Mezzo-soprano Carla Dirlikov

Mezzo-soprano Carla Dirlikov’s reach goes far beyond the scope of her music career. Her degrees from University of Michigan, McGill University, and the Academy of Vocal Arts have led her down both hoped-for and unexpected paths, including that of cultural envoy for the U.S.