March 2015


Dreaming Big:
Phillip Boykin

Phillip Boykin grew up one of 10 children in low-income housing in South Carolina. Described as “tone deaf” by those who knew his prepubescent voice, Boykin refused to be deterred from his early longings to sing. That tenacity has served him well and led this classically trained singer to a career in opera, on Broadway, and in film. In spite of odds stacked against him, Boykin’s dreams have always been as big as his impressive physical stature. With a work ethic to match, Boykin is now seeing his dreams realized in big ways.
It’s All about the Sound:

It’s All about the Sound:
The Legendary Eve Queler

Conductor Eve Queler has forged a career as a true pioneer on so many levels—orchestra founder, female conductor, obscure-opera producer. Queler celebrated her 100th performance in Carnegie Hall in 2008, and here she shares the stories behind the years of thundering applause for herself, her orchestra, and her carefully selected singers in that great hall.