April 2016


A Time and Season:
Elaine Malbin

Soprano Elaine Malbin made her professional television singing debut at age 13. By the time she was 20, she landed her first full-length televised operatic role. That was followed by a succession of opera house engagements, Broadway tours, television shows, and major orchestral appearances in a whirlwind career that lasted another nearly two decades. Discover this remarkable woman’s rapid rise to success, what led her to leave it all behind, and how she feels about that decision now so many years later.
Musings on Mechanics

Musings on Mechanics
A License for Registration

Head voice. Chest voice. Mixed voice. Falsetto. Whistle voice. Pedagogues have delineated many vocal registers—and just as many theories for how to blend them. Keep it simple with this review of the basics of registration and some practical ways for personally addressing it in the practice room.